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Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas

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Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas

Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas welcomes guests to a stylish world of minimalist elegance and luxury in the beautiful island of Lesvos. Nestled in the midst of mountains and the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea, this is the perfect destination for vacationers seeking a fun, romantic getaway or some quality family time.

Special attention to detail and guest-centric mentality are at the heart of Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas' philosophy. From the moment you arrive, our team will welcome you with a refreshing drink and help you create a personalized vacation that will be unforgettable. The private-pool rooms and villas provide guests with sheer comfort, relaxation and luxury.

Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas is where relaxation and rejuvenation become one. We invite you to live the ultimate holiday experience on Lesvos island that you so greatly deserve. Take your time, unwind, reconnect with yourself and let your senses take over.

Dream, Plan & Indulge
Turning Moments into Timeless Memories
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Rooms & Villas
Standard Room with Private Pool & Sea View
Our cozy 20 sq.m. room is ideal for couples and small families. The warm colours harmoniously blend with natural elements throughout the room to create a wonderful setting for celebrating precious moments and simple luxuries. The comfortable queen size bed, quality mattress, fine linens and plush pillows allow for complete relaxation. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Aegean Sea in the comfort of your private terrace and take a revitalizing swim in your private sea-water pool.
Superior Room with Private Pool & Sea View
The sun-lit interior and warm colour scheme of the room blended with the impressive sea views create a relaxing atmosphere for making life-long memories. Natural elements throughout the room provide you with a calm setting for reconnecting with your inner self. Open the terrace doors leading to your private sea-water swimming pool. Let the warm sunlight hug your body while relaxing on your sunbed and taking in the breathtaking views.
Deluxe Room with Private Pool & Sea View
All Deluxe Rooms boast a spacious private terrace leading to a private sea-water swimming pool that is perfect for soaking up the sun while lying in the comfortable sunbeds. Immerse your body into the refreshing water and stimulate your senses while enjoying the uninterrupted views of the Aegean Sea. The interior cozy atmosphere blended with soft colour schemes and natural furnishings create the perfect setting for making unforgettable memories.
Villa with Private Pool & Sea View
The Villa with Private Pool & Sea View is your haven for enjoyment and relaxation. Unwind in comfort and luxury while you sunbathe and surrender to your dreams. Apart from its revitalizing private sea-water pool and deck, this villa has a private paved garden area offering its guests the most outdoor space.
Superior Seafront Villa with Private Pool
The Superior Seafront Villas with Private Pool are the perfect choice for elevating your experience and living your summer dream. Open the doors from your light-filled villa and feel the warmth from the golden sun. Enjoy the cool interiors while watching the glistening waves from the windows. Take a revitalizing swim in your private sea-water pool and unwind on the sunbeds while gazing at the magnificent uninterrupted views of the Aegean Sea.
Discover Lesvos

Eleia Seafront Rooms & Villas invites guests to the majestic island of Lesvos in Greece. Embraced by the Aegean Sea, this blessed island is full of history, culture, and Greek tradition. Lesvos is the ideal destination to stimulate your senses while you disconnect and recharge. Treat your eyes with its fascinating natural wonders. Nourish your body with its authentic Greek cuisine and delicacies. Feed your soul by connecting with friendly locals and broaden your horizons by learning their way of life. Create unique lifetime memories and allow your summer story to unfold while experiencing the true beauty of Lesvos.